Solar / $ Savings / The Environment

  • Solar design / installation / maintenance
    • With a solar feed in tariffs reduced it is important to tailor a system to best fit your usage. Of your total power consumption, the more power that can be consumed when the sun is shining the greater or faster the return on your investment.
    • As the majority of businesses operate during the day, solar investments are often paid back in under 5 years.
    • The design of a system includes a projected annual output based on inverter / orientation of panels and angle of panels to the sun.
    • Solar maintenance includes performance check / wiring check / isolators / mounting brackets and clamps / panel cleaning.
  • LED Lighting
    • The price of LED lighting has dramatically reduced over the years and is now relatively inexpensive, zero maintenance and cheap to run.
    • For the cost to run one 50 watt halogen down light you can run 5 LED down lights with 5x the output.
    • Expensive to run 50 watt halogen down lights can be easily replaced with LED down lights often without any additional electrical wiring. As the hole sizes are often the same no extra cutting is required either.
  • Power monitoring audits for commercial and domestic
    • By placing monitors in switchboards your power can be monitored/graphed online.
    • This information can be used to make informed solutions to reduce your power consumption.

As Treasurer of the Semaphore Bowling Club, I organised CBA Electrical to supply & install a 20Kwh Solar Panel System back in November 2012. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any company or individual because he is a tradesman that takes pride in the quality of work performed.

Anne Phillips, Semaphore Bowling Club Inc.